Gary Lee was born into Karate starting at early age in Hawaii. Overcoming all odds, he would start a journey at age fourteen that would put him all over the United States, meeting and working out with the pioneers and legends of today.

Think about it for a moment. Before you are even six years old you lose your parents in a tragic airplane accident. You have only one relative, an uncle you don’t even know who turns out to be cruel towards you. You have no family, no friends, and a bleak outlook on what might seem like no life at all, with no foreseeable future.

What do you do?

Many, many folks would give up or easily fall into the wrong crowds and spend the rest of their lives getting into trouble. Basically, they would give up on life before they even had a chance to live it.

But GARY LEE certainly is not your average person. Young Gary took this pot of despair, loneliness and heartbreaking travesty and turned it into a banquet of life. Not only has Gary Lee pulled himself from nothing to an enviable career in the martial arts and life, but he has done it with a style and grace that can only be the envy of most people around him.

How this remarkable man achieved a life so full and rich from such a desolate beginning is a phenomenal story in itself.


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