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Welcome to the official website of Professor Gary Lee’s much anticipated new book – Memoirs of An American Samurai. In “Memoirs of An American Samurai”, Professor Gary Lee shares special insights and experiences from his incredible journey from humble beginnings in Hawaii to the Halls of Fame. Tales from the “Old Sensei” as he calls himself told in his inimitable style conjure up a bygone era peppered with golden nuggets of life lessons and martial arts insights. Martial Arts enthusiasts  [ Read More ]

Gary Lee was born into Karate starting at early age in Hawaii. Overcoming all odds, he would start a journey at age fourteen that would put him all over the United States, meeting and working out with the pioneers and legends of today. Think about it for a moment. Before you are even six years old you lose your parents in a tragic airplane accident. You have only one relative, an uncle you don’t even know who turns out to  [ Read More ]